4.Atlantis - 16/01/09


Once again it was looking gloomy outside, but we went to Atlantis - The Palm, the man-made island despite the weather report. Waterparks I have been to in South Africa, do not measure up to this awesome Aquaventure!

Why go to parks where you have to get out the water and carry your tube with you to the top, when at Aquaventure you do not have to carry your tube 95% of the time? The strong water jets and flow of water sends you off in the right direction. When you want to go to the top there are horizontal conveyor-belts guiding your tube to the top, all the while you are sitting in it. 

You are not allowed to take any food and drink into the park, but there also aren't any bag-checkpoints.. So if you are daring and want to take a chance, it is up to you. The food is not too expensive though, as normal, it is more than what you would pay outside the park. If you have valuables, there are lockers you can use at a small fee. We didn't take any valuables, just the sunscreen, towels and hats. We were too busy enjoying the supertubes to think of food or anything else.

The 'main' slide: The Leap of Faith, drops almost vertically down into a tunnel that is underwater - water inhabited by sharks... As I went over the tip of the slide I opened my eyes and the view that I took in for that split-second was breathtaking. Breathtaking in a sense that it was beautiful, but also breathtaking in a sense that I am about to plunge down at rapid speed and it feels like I can't breath. I only went twice. I had to go a second time, because the first time I kept my eyes closed and the ride was over before I even knew it.

The rides are thrilling and exciting! We had such a blast! Looking back at it now, I want to go again. Another ride, called Shark Attack, also takes you through the shark-tunnel, floating on a tube giving you time to admire the fish tank. 

As all parks have - this one was no exception in the kiddies department.
They had a whole section devoted to keep the kiddies busy. We even made an appearance - waiting under the 'bucket' to tumble a waterfall over us.

We were finally defeated at sunset. Hopped into a cab and headed back to our hotel - we still had plans for the evening...


Dinner was served on a Dhow dinner cruise -expedition. We were greeted with traditional Arabic tea - not my favourite. At our table, we enjoyed snacks followed by the main course - a tantalizing buffet! We indulged in this feast of different tastes and the unknown in some cases. Floating about in the creek and admiring the other dhows passing, the city lights and sounds. The evening was very enjoyable and also romantic. A must if you a couple or parents that need a bit of romantic time.

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