2.Wild Wadi - 14/01/09

Dubai - One of the world's favourite travel destinations. Dubai is known for its remarkable architecture. The buildings are competing in height and individualism (as seen in the picture above).

Personally I have never faced the Islamic religion to such an extent, but Islam is more than just a religion in this country. It is their culture. Islam governs all aspects of their lives, for example their clothing, food and drink.

Some interesting points to remember when travelling to an Islamic country:

Culture seen in our bathroom

  • Do not wear inappropriate clothes (cover your shoulders and your knees)
  • Women must not walk alone in the streets - recommended that they are accompanied by a male companion
  • Do not use foul language in public
  • or talk about politics...

Our day started off with a walk around one of the old parts of Dubai.

The Bastakiya.

This is a landmark of old Dubai. The whole area has undergone some work but only to preserve the structures as much as it's original state it was in when it was first inhabited in the 1900's.

TravelDK describes the Bastakiya as "...a picturesque glimpse into the city's past in sharp contrast to the futuristic architecture and construction boom elsewhere."

I absolutely agree with this statement.  The historical flair that the windtowers (served as early forms of "airconditioners") and narrow roadways create in contrast to the high-tech buildings, captures the feel for the nature and true culture of historical Dubai.

After a morning of exploring through the alleyways of one of Bur Dubai's oldest heritage sites, we decided to head out to Wild Wadi Waterpark. I have never experienced such exhilarating slides like I have experienced at Wild Wadi. The park is exciting and filled with fun rides for the whole family.

From a kiddies water feature to the Jumeirah Scarah, which is one of the highest slides in the world excluding USA. It is for the daredevils - Of course WE went on it, at least once.

Although it is winter season in Dubai, it was a perfect day to go to the waterpark. It is out-of-season, which meant no queues for rides, the water was heated and the sun was still out shining bright.

From the waterpark you can see the lovely Jumeirah Hotel in the back and the Burj Al Arab in the front. The Burj is set aside on its own 'island'.

After spending the whole day playing in the water, we were kaput. A good night's rest was in order.

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